• The Dot Charitable Foundation is a NSW registered non-profit organisation (CFN/20997) founded in 2009.

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Ten years of progress

What we do

At The DOT Charitable Foundation, a children’s charity, we care for the disadvantage and sick children, and their families so they can be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy for the road ahead.


Unfortunately for thousands of families there is a moment in time which changes their life forever. It can be the diagnosis of a chronic or life threatening illness or an accident, and from this moment it will never be the same again.


We are dedicated towards providing:


Paediatric wards of government hospitals in Sri Lanka with much needed medical equipment. The Medical equipment we donate are specifically requested by the hospital’s doctors required provide critical services.


Care and support to sick children and their families, with life limiting or threatening illnesses, disability or any other needs, giving better quality to their young lives.


Financial sponsorship to preschools and preschool children. Due to economic hardships most of the families from rural villages are unable to pay the preschool fees and the result is most of the children are not getting proper preschool education.


Provide shelter for sick and low income children’s families to the betterment of their lives with security.


Consider making a donation, sponsor a child, volunteer your time or simply share our message with others. Your contribution will make a difference. Together, we can bring comfort and happiness to them. It would not be possible without your support.


Please join our cause and lend these children your hand.


Thank you for your support.

DOT Charity Birthday Club

Dot Charity Birthday Club

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10 years of progress

Ten years of progress