Total coin collection AUD 1,040.45

We would like to introduce our new program, small coin tills to distribute among our kind hearted donors.

It is simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have extra 5 or 10 cents please donate it to the DOT Charitable Foundation. And what a better feeling is there than knowing you have made a difference in sick child’s life. Large numbers of sick children are waiting for our help. It is our goal to expand our help to as many as we can.


  • We need your help to make their dreams come true. No matter how big or small, your donation will make a difference for sick children in need.
  • We will provide a till with DOT logo. Either collected coins can be deposited to DOT charity account or you can hand over to us.
  • We will issue a receipt for your collection.
  • This is an ongoing project.


May you be blessed in your efforts to help those less fortunate and to improve the quality of lives for sick kids.