Singithi Preschool

2016 - Singithi Pera Pasala.  Read more>>




About the project

The project is especially intended to address the lack of early childhood education facilities in rural areas.


Project Mission

The DOT Charitable Foundation Inc. is mainly works for the economic and social development of the poorest communities. In this proposal DOT has planned to start Early Child Development Education (ECDE) centres to provide pre-school education to children of 4 to 6 years old who are selected from low income families.


Project Vision

This project is planned to be implemented in various districts in Sri Lanka to uplift the early childhood education level



In Sri Lanka formal schooling begins at the age of 5 years. To prepare children for entry to the primary schools a network of Pre-schools, also known as nursery schools or Montessori schools exists island wide. These are all privately run and fee levying, and range from those attached to big prestigious private schools to run by trained or semi-trained women teachers.


The children from very poor families or deprived areas find access to these privately run schools difficult for financial and social reasons. Therefor lot of children not getting proper early learning.


Project Impact

The project will work for the child education among the poorest and disadvantaged communities. It will help to grow up the children as good human beings. This project will reduce the dropout rate from Primary education. It will develop and strengthen the capacity of community participation in education planning, monitoring and supervision. The children will achieve some good qualities such as tolerance, cooperation, and receptiveness from their childhood. Early childhood is the most rapid period of development in human life. The ultimate goal of Early Child Development Education (ECDE) programs is to improve young children’s capacity to develop and learn. A child who is ready for school with the preschool education has a combination of positive characteristics.


The project intends to provide education materials, libraries, and uniforms and pay school fees.