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2016:  Paediatric Unit of Puttalam Base Hospital

Donation of Infant Incubator to the Paediatric Unit of Puttalam Base Hospital.



2015:  Thambawitage Maura Tekshan Tekshan

19 years old-Rabawa - Acute Myeloid leukaemia

Donated LKR 40,994.00 (AUD 398.00) for his medical treatment in Christian Medical College, India


2015:  H.A.D. Jayanthi Perera

33 years-Homagama-Sub-Acute Sclerosing Pan -Encephalitis

Donated LKR 28,507.00 (AUD 290) for her medicine expenses.


2015:  Karapitiya Teaching Hospital

Medical BagDonated a LKR 10,000.00 (AUD 100.00) worth medical bag to emergency ward.



2015: Anurudhapura Teaching Hospital

  • We are pleased to inform that The DOT Charitable Foundation has donated  LKR 200,000.00 worth of EDAN M 50 Multi-monitor to Paediatric Ward 24 at Teaching Hospital Anuradhapura.  Photos


2015:  Shanela De Mel - 15 years old – Australia- Paralysis

  • Donated $ 250.00 for her urgent neuro surgery done at Kaiser Permanente hospital in Oakland California, USA.

2015: Thanidu - 5 years old – Matara - Burn victim of a gas explosion

  • Donated $  250.00 (RS 25,000.00) for Thanidu’s skin graft for her burn areas on face.

2015: BMT Project

  • Donated $ 1,500.00 towards the training expenses of Sri Lankan medical staff.
    Bone Marrow Transplant project is to setup a BMT Unit at National Cancer Institute in Sri Lanka project in collaboration with BMT Training Program at St. Vincent's Hospital Sydney.
    We are the Corporate Sponsors of the BMT project:
    BMT Project

2015: Chanuka Keshan - 15 years old – Akuressa - Meconium Aspiration Syndrome

  • Donated LKR 10.000.00 worth of food items ordered from Matara  Keels Super Market.

2015: Donation to Deniyaya Base Hospital

  • We are pleased to inform that The DOT charitable Foundation has donated LKR 415,000.00 worth Philips Sure Signs VM4 Patient Monitor to the paediatric unit of Deniyaya Base Hospital.  Photos


2014: Karapitiya Teaching Hospital

  • Paid Freight chargers $ 500.00 for send  medical equipment ( 3 Medical boxes , 3 Linen trolleys, 3 Linen trays ) from Melbourne.

2014: Preethipura Lama Niwasaya (Ceylon Fellowship of Service) - Prithipura, Hendala

  • Donated 25 milk packets for children’s morning and afternoon tea, ordered from Keels.

2014: Kaveesha Tharudi Arshakulasooriya - 7 years old – Rathnapura- Burn victim

  • Donated RS, 50,000.00 for her medical expenses.

2014: Lady Ridgeway Hospital, Colombo

  • Donated Temporary pacemakers (TPM) worth of LKR 325,000.00

    This is for use in post-operative cardiac surgical patients while in intensive care unit.  This will help to provide optimum care to patients following a cardiac surgery and manage life threatening rhythm issues of the heart.  Photos


2014: Karapitiya Teaching Hospital

  • Donated 4 unit Suction controllers  high  and 4 Suction jars with wall mount worth RS 263,400.00  ($2,174.00) to the paediatric ward.

    Together these are called suction apparatus. It is used to suck out secretions from patient. Mainly it is used to suck out secretions from endotracheal tube (artificial breathing tube) in ventilated babies. Photos

2014: Osada Idunil Kumara 10 years- Bentota-Meconium Aspiration Syndrome

  • Donated LKR 10.000.00 worth food items ordered from Panadura Keels Super Market.  Photos

2014: Sanila (6 years) (Matara) A boy blind from the birth

  • Donated AUD 825.00 (AUD 150.00 for mattress and blender) and $AUD 675.00.00 for his medical expenses.

2014: District General Hospital Monaragala

  • Donated LKR 535,000.00 worth Philips Intellivue MP20 Multi para monitor to special care baby unit.
    This is the first equipment of its kind in history for Monaragala Hospital. This monitor can be used in two patients simultaneously. This unit is now in operation at Paediatric ICU.  Photos

2014: Anoma Dias -27 years-Meethoamulla-Disable

  • Donated LKR 9,800.00 worth wheelchair Disable-from the birth

2013: M Sivamani (Batticaloa)

  • Donating monthly allowance of   LKR 2,500.00 via SUROL towards their children’s education Leprosy affected family.  

2013: Anurudhapura Teaching Hospital

  • Donated LKR 75,000.00 worth following equipment to Paediatrician Ward 24
  • 1 Spot lamp
  • 10 Digital thermometers
  • 1 Paediatric stethoscope
  • 1 Blood pressure monitor
  • 60 Children's story books  Photos

2013: Lady Ridgeway Children’s hospital and Karapitiya Teaching Hospital 

  • Donated LKR 507,760.00 worth 400 New Year Hampers to Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital and 100 New Year Hampers to Karapitiya Teaching Hospital. Photos

2013: Osada Idunil Kumara 10 years- Bentota-Meconium Aspiration Syndrome

  • Donated LKR 50,000.00  

2013: Ashirwada Pahan - Maharagama-University of Colombo student - Brain Tumour. 

  • Donated LKR 682,760.00 (AUD 5,200.00) to the Central Hospital towards Pahans Ashirwada’s hospital charges.

2012: Lady Ridgeway Children  Hospital, Colombo

  • Donated LKR 2,336,022.00 worth a Ventilator to cardiology intensive care unit.
    One of the main limitations to perform more surgeries each day was the lack of ventilators. This donation will make a huge difference in providing more timely surgeries for all the sick hearts who are awaiting cardiac surgical correction.
    With this additional ventilator 15-20 more surgeries can be performed each month.  Photos

2012: Karapitiya Teaching Hospital

  • Donated LKR 770,300.00 worth of following medical equipment to children’s ICU ward.
    ·        Patent transport trolley/bed   LKR 389,000.00
    ·        Transport monitors                  LKR 312,800.00
    ·        Portable suction apparatus   LKR 68,500.00  Photos

2012-National Cancer Institute Maharagama

  • Donated USD 296.00 worth 4 Radiotherapy books from USA

2011: Pabasara Sathsarani - (5 years) Lahugala-Cerebral Palsy

  • Donated LKR 20,440.00.00 for medical expenses

2011: Priyantha Malcom-lihiriyagama- Disabled due to a tragic accident

  • Donated LKR 90,003.00 worth Motor Scooter to conduct a small business 

2011: R.K Sriyani -Weerakatiya-Leukemia

  • Donated LKR 163,850.00 for medical expenses

2011: Lady Ridgeway Hospital, Colombo

  • Donated AUD 589.00 worth 100 New Year Hampers to inpatients Photos

2010: Sri Bodhikarama Temple in Polgahawela, Kurunegala

  • LKR 55,000.00 towards the medical expenses of sick monks.
  • LKR 57,070.00 worth fridge and 3 boxes of food items, stationery, linen and toiletries etc.
  • LKR 55,230.00 for construction of temple roof. Photos

2010: Chandrika Dilrukshi -(13 Years) - Ihala Biyanwila - Cancer

  • Donated LKR 9,856.00 for medical expenses

2010: Nimesha Sankapalaniee (14 Years)-Diwuldeniya-Cerebral Palsy

  • Donated LKR 9,856.00 for medical expenses-

2010: N.P Chandrasiri-Malwana-- Kidney Failure

  • Donated LKR 9,856.00 for medical expenses

2010: L.G Amarasiri -Padukka- -Kidney Failure 

  • Donated LKR 9,856.00 for medical expenses

2010: Prabath Prasanga (17 Years) Adiambalama -Beta Thalassemia

  • Donated LKR 35,235.00 for medical expenses

2010: A.G Dinusika Nayana Kumari (12 Years)-Nugegoda-Cerebral Palsy

  • Donated LKR 25,826.00 for medical expenses.


About the Hospitals

Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital, Colombo
LRH is the largest public free of charge paediatric hospital in the World.  It serves as the national referral centre for paediatric care for Sri Lanka.

Karapitiya Teaching Hospital
The country’s second largest hospital, the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital is 106.59 kilometres south of Colombo city and the largest tertiary care centre in Southern Province. It was established in 1982. This is the main training facility for the Faculty of Medicine, Ruhuna University.

Anurudhapura Teaching Hospital
Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital is the third biggest hospital in Sri Lanka and situated at central location of the new city occupying a total land area of 18069 hectares. Anuradhapura is 210 Km from Colombo towards north central Sri Lanka.
It caters to a population of 1.1 million in the North Central province and to about 0.5 million of adjoining northern and western provinces. Number of live births that take place in the hospital exceeds 10000 annually. Also the average daily attendance of patients (Clinic and OPD) exceeds 1200.
Also this is the primary teaching hospital of the students of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Rajarata.

District General Hospital Monaragala
Moneragala hospital is the main tertiary care centre in the district with specialised units. The hospital’s premature baby unit was done recently as a project of a Child Health & Welfare Foundation,. Moneragala is 246 kilometres from Colombo in eastern corner of Uva province.