The DOT hope home for Children

The DOT Hope Home for Children


Where does your money go?

Project One


Malsiripura Preschool Project

Project 1: Malsiripura Preschool Project


The DOT Hope Home for Children is organizing to build a new preschool building in rural village of Ahalagolyaya, Panliyadda, Melsiripura, in Kurunegala District. At present ‘Randaru’ preschool is continuing in a temple building and around 15 to 20 children from the area is benefitting from it. However the current building is 30 years old and in a derelict state. It is not suitable to use as a school building since walls and roof are in unrepairable state. This preschool will be close down in very near future if suitable building is not found. As a result these children will be deprived of their preschool education. The villagers cannot afford to renovate or build a new school hall.  The DOT is organizing to build a school hall and help the Ahalagolyaya community. The whole project will cost us approx. LKR 1,500,000.00.


Project Two


Hasini’s Home Project at Kumarigama Uhana


Project 2: Hasisni’s Home Project at Kumarigama Uhana





Piyarathna is a labourer and he has three young daughters. They live in Kumarigama, Uhana. Their house has not completed yet and the doors and windows are covered with polythene covers. There is no security for theses innocent girls. "The DOT Hope Home for Children" is organizing to fix two doors and two windows. The cost has been estimated as LKR 55,530.00

Project 2: Hasisni’s Home Project Completed

We would like to express our appreciation to all of you for generosity in support for Hasini's house project. As you know Hasini's house had plastic sheet covered doors and windows and with your generous support we have fixed proper doors and windows. We are confident that this will bring the safety and happiness to Hasini and her family.

Project Three


Susantha's Home Project, Dakuniiwura, Lunugamvehera

Susantha's old homeW A Susantha, his wife and two children lives in a rural village of Dakuniiwura, Lunugamvehera in Sri Lanka.


He is a casual labourer and his income depends only if he finds work for the day. His current home is not in a good condition and it is not at all suitable for children to live in. His elder son has an incurable eye condition.


As you can see in the photo, the house the family is currently living is in a very poor condition.


A big Thank you to all of you W A Susantha fulfil his dream of having a beautiful home for his family.


The DOT Hope Home for Children

In the year 2015 The DOT Charitable Foundation is proudly starting a new initiative, The DOT Hope Home for Children, a program dedicated to help children and their families to provide shelter, education and betterment of their lives, especially the sick and poor.

Every child should have a childhood which is safe, happy and secure, and allows them the chance to reach their highest potential.
This program was created to address the desperate need of shelter among the poor children in Sri Lanka. Our mission is to build homes, do renovations for needy children’s families through this special program. This program will target the families with long term sick children who cannot afford their own homes and from non-affluent backgrounds. We will undertake and manage the construction from fundraising to hand over. To ensure the transparency, quality and value for money we will directly manage the process.

Thanks for your support and desire to help the poor children in Sri Lanka. Every dollar donated goes directly making better life to children. Your help will make a big difference to the lives of some wonderful children.

We expect to provide four main benefits to a family through this program.


1. Economic Impact

A debt-free home/improved living space helps families out of poverty and they deal with the difficult circumstances arising from long term sickness of their children.


2. Educational Impact

A stable environment encourages learning. A child burdened with sickness will benefit from the stability at home.

3. Health Impact

A good home will improve the speedy recovery and provide special need infrastructure.

4. Social & Emotional Impact

The emotional well-being of the family members is important to overcome difficult situations.